Brooklynite Indira Villalobos-Starr is a Venezuelan-born artist who is the founder and designer for Snuggly Ugly, a boutique Brooklyn studio.

Snuggly Ugly products are one-of-a-kind collectibles and soft furnishings for the children’s room, designed for children, inspired by children.

We are please to introduce our two lines of products for 2017

The SUSU LITTLES COLLECTION is an imaginary world for little girls featuring heirloom pieces that will last generations.

The SNUGGLY UGLY COLLECTION which are made from our mainstay materials of up-cycled cashmere, colorful and eco-friendy .

We believe handmade goods are invaluable resources to incorporate into our daily lives while connecting us to each other in a personal way that cannot be compared to mass-produced and factory-made products, Handmade products are more than just a product. There is love, care, creativity and uniqueness, because handmade items are what your Great Great Grandma used to buy.

We should come in contact with more handmade things in our daily lives, just the way things used to be. Supporting the growing handmade movement, we need to decrease the demand for new materials using recycled materials. There is too much stuff in the world already and It is important to give a good example to the new generation.